Going Deeper, Part Two of Three

September 29, 2014

Last week, we talked about the importance of "grounding" - our moment to moment level of understanding of who we are, what life is, and how it works. This understanding is the foundation on top of which we build our lives, and the more solid the ground in which we place our foundations, the higher and wider we can go with our lives...


Going Deeper, Part One of Three

September 22, 2014

Anyone who spends any time around principles-based practitioners will hear the word "grounding" bandied about a lot. It's become a sort of a buzzword - a currency in the "whose better at this game" game. There are conversations about how "her grounding is deeper than his grounding"...


The Problem with Thinking About Thinking

September 15, 2014

As part of the final weekend of Supercoach Academy, ​one of our guest lecturers, George Pransky, shared a story of a conversation a friend of his had with long-time world number one tennis player Pete Sampras. His friend asked Sampras how it was that he was able to be so cool on the court, unlike many of his compatriots who seemed to be feeling the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat after every point...


Downloading Wisdom

September 8, 2014

One of the coolest things I ever saw at the movies was the scene in The Matrix where Neo asks Trinity if she can fly a helicopter. Her response is "not yet" - and then she closes her eyes and receives a download from outside of the matrix that allows her to not only fly the helicopter, but wreak some havoc on the evil machines in the process.


Staying in the Conversation

September 1, 2014

One of the first things that I tell pretty much everybody when we begin training, coaching, or working with the inside-out understanding is that the most important (and in some ways only) key to getting the depth of what's on offer is to "stay in the conversation". In order to understand why that's so important, I'm going to share a bit of my own story and what I've come to see by staying in the conversation even when it didn't seem to be going anywhere, and even more importantly when it seemed like I'd already "got it"...


The Life Coach and the Mighty Tree

August 4, 2014

One day, while sitting with my back against the trunk of a massive tree in my garden, I fell asleep and dreamed that I was sitting with my back against the trunk of a massive tree in my garden. Much to my surprise, it asked me for some coaching. ‘I am a mighty tree,’ it began, ‘and I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that a few of my leaves have begun to fall to the ground. The thing is, I can’t afford to lose my leaves. What will people think of me if I go bald? They’ll see me as naked and weak and frail. I’m not sure I can go on if it means going through such a difficult ordeal.’..


Knowing Where to Look

July 28, 2014

In one of his final interviews, the author/philosopher Aldous Huxley was asked to sum up his life's work.  What he said was this:  It is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one's life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than "Try to be a little kinder." While I actually think that's beautiful in and of itself, I also love the question.  If you had to sum up everything you've learned about life in one or two sentences, what would they be?


The Hedgehog of Wisdom

July 21, 2014

There is a line from the Greek poet Archilochus which is generally translated as: The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. While foxes might be cunning and able to devise hundreds of strategies for catching unsuspecting hedgehogs off guard and eating them for dinner, the hedgehog has only one defensive strategy - to curl up in a ball, spiky spines exposed, and wait until the fox (or other predator) gives up and goes away...


A Deeper Understanding of Mindfulness

July 14, 2014

A couple of years ago, I was asked to participate in the making of The Mindfulness Movie, a documentary about the practice of mindfulness and its spread and impact in modern culture.  While I enjoyed watching the movie, I wasn't surprised to see that my interview was largely absent from the finished product.  As I told the producers going in, my take on things is a bit outside the norm...


The Secret Formula for Happiness, Success, and Well-Being: Part Three

July 7, 2014

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been sharing the story of how a mission launched back in 1990 has led to the work I now do in unleashing the human potential. In part one, we talked about the infinite creative potential of human beings and the possibility of a whole new way of being in the world; in part two I shared some "thought experiments" which help highlight the way that thought creates our experience of life and at times obscures a deeper reality of peace and possibility...